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KEO partners

The objectives of KEO, being realized free from all political, denominational and commercial influence, benefit from the generosity of all its partners who offer (free of charge) from the core of their profession, all the necessary tools for the development and realization of KEO.


Till its launch into orbit, KEO depends solely on the competencies and donations in kind offered by various enterprises, institutions, engineering colleges and people who wish that their image and values are associated with those propagated by KEO.


Only the Project Coordination Team of Programme KEO requires financial backing to allow it to realize KEO'S mission in the best possible way: to invite the largest number of people living on Earth to address their message to their very faraway future great grand children.


Till date, more than forty enterprises have joined hands with KEO to realize this humanistic dream, which they too strongly believe in.


The fact that KEO is a project with a non-profit motive, free from any charge, is one of the symbolic factors that confirms its success in terms of enthusiastic support received by it from the public and the media at an international level.


We would sincerely like to thank all our partners, past and present, for their wholehearted contribution towards KEO.

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