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  IF the KEO project inspires you to participate in it

  IF you wish to contribute to the KEO project (do not forget to visit the channel "Become a Keolover" to know about specific needs),

IF you have some remarks and comments to make on the KEO project,

IF you wish that your company becomes a partner of KEO (do not forget to visit the channel "The KEO Team" to know about KEO'S specific needs in terms of partnership),

IF you notice an error on this site,

Talking about KEO, is also participating in KEO
The simplest way to participate in the success of KEO is by talking about the project with your family, your friends, your colleagues at work…in such a way that a large number of people can have the opportunity to send their message to KEO.

Thank you for your patience
We would like to inform you that we reply to your mails at an individual level and not a by a standard format. This choice obliges us to spend time and effort over our replies to your questions. Thank you in advance for bearing with us incase of a delay in receiving your reply.

Enrich our Press Review
Each day, across the world, press, television and Internet talk about KEO. One of our hurdles is to collect the different components of this media coverage, a vital element in the communication strategy of KEO. We would be highly obliged if you could send us a copy of the press article, online and offline, which made you aware of the KEO project either by post: By post to KEO, BP 100 - 75262 PARIS Cedex 06 - France.


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