November 2007 – March 2008 – Mexico : KEO in El Rehilete Museum in Pachuca , capital of the state of Hidalgo






Spurred on by our correspondent in Mexico, Oliver Miranda, a new exhibition KEO came out in El Rehilete Museum in the city of Pachuca, capital of the state of Hidalgo

It was inaugurated on November 15 th in the presence of the General Manager of the Museum, Mrs. Cynthia Chavero Bojorquez, the Governor of the State, Mr. Miguel Angel Osorio Chong and his Secretary, Mr. Francisco Olvera.

An appeal was launched to teachers in order to encourage young people to massively take part in writing their messages and to build up a new image of the world and its cultures diversity

A great number of media relayed the project communication and promising contacts were established with the Mexican Educational Television