April 2015 




KEO more relevant than ever in Spain

Spain the territory of which has hosted many different and varied cultures during its turbulent history w as and is still able to know and preserve the memory of their presence and highlight their different characteristics.

This applies both to the past centuries as well as to the most recent centuries, if not the very close time. Thus Madrid just discovered in the center of the city, below the Plaza de las Cortes, the "capsules of the future", i.e. carefully preserved tapes that had not been opened for 200 years and bore testimony of famous works but also of a wish of liberalism and liberty of the citizens of the years 1840s… Ex perts believe the basement of Madrid must be dotted with

these " gates of time."
The Cervantes Institute in Madrid is preparing with many contemporary artists "Culture capsules for the future" in the form of a strong box in which each of them deposits objects , writings or works of art , and chooses and indicates the opening desired dates...

This concept of time capsule dates back to Mesopotamia and Gilgamesh in the walls of Uruk. A time capsule is a collective work safeguarding properties and information, as a testimony for future generations.

Many time capsules were buried in many parts of the globe, whose interest is variable because more or less representative of the society of the time and the locations of which may be lost or forgotten.

The first modern time capsule, The Crypt of Civilization, containing representative objects at the time, including microfilm, was sealed in Atlanta in 1936 and scheduled to be opened in 8113! At the Universal Exhibition in New York in 1939 the Westinghouse Corporation presented a time capsule that would be recovered 5,000 years after its burial , which popularized the concept…

These recent findings in Madrid led Antonio Martínez Ron, a scientific journalist and editor, to publish in April 2015, in the framework of Vozpopuli Next, a long and exciting article on the "capsules of the future."


His description ends with the presentation of KEO, the latest and most innovative door to the future.

The originality of KEO and the plus it brings to the existing capsules of the future is to have chosen the space and not being buried underground. The satellite will not go unnoticed because its return into the atmosphere will create an aurora borealis that will allow Earthmen of the time to notice it and find it. Moreover, its universality and the fact that it invites all our contemporaries to participate, whatever their continents, cultures and languages, give it an extra dimension.

Its ambition does not stop there. Not satisfied with wearing a passive witness of this time, KEO intends, by encouraging the people of today to think about the meaning of their life and the current evolution of humanity, to transmit active messages of wisdom to our distant descendants and enable our contemporaries to benefit from it.

KEO is more relevant than ever in Spain and hopefully in all Spanish-speaking countries.
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