April 2009 Belgium 




More than 250 young people took part in the operation “Who are you ?” organized in Malmedy, in the province of Liege in Belgium, by the burgomaster, Mr. Yves Barthelemy, and coordinated by Mrs.Roselyne Lemaire from the public library.

The aim was to gather the messages that the young from 11 to 15 years old would like to send to their far-away grand-children. They were invited to question their grandparents, to write their message on paper and on keyboard, hang them on to balloons and overrun the town with them, let them be released by passer-by readers and set off to the air route towards the sky.

The messages were flung up tied to helium inflated balloons much to the delight of the whole audience.

This launch creates great moments of joy when German or Dutch neighbours are sending messages back, faded by their trip of several hundreds of kilometers.

These messages will join the collection of the satellite KEO supported by UNESCO