Jean-Marc PHILIPPE, the creator of KEO, died on November 12 th, 2008.

Holder of a post-graduate diploma in internal geophysics, painter, co-founder of spatial art, member of the European Academy of Science, Art and Literature, and of the International Society for Art, Science and Technology ( Berkeley), winner of many international prizes, Jean-Marc PHILIPPE devised a universal project at the crossroads of art, technology, humanism and dreams, a gift from today’s mankind to tomorrow’s mankind . KEO, the archaeological bird of the future, the satellite that carries the hopes of the world.

KEO invites each of us to speak out in his own language and express his way of life, values and aspirations for the attention of our faraway descendants and with the intention of starting right now to build a better world

Federico Mayor letter 21-01-09

Each and every one who is reading this, begin acting now. Visit the KEO website, speak out, write and send your message.

“ When a man has a dream, alone, it is just a dream…
When several people, together, have the same dream… it is the beginning or a new reality” ( Hundertwasser )

Let us build together this new reality…